Gary Pinns has been named a "Top Teacher in America" by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

Golf Swing Mastery

A Better Way to Play Better

What is Golf Swing Mastery?

We're dedicated to making the game of golf more enjoyable by providing golfers with a “better way to play better.”

What makes our approach better is the combination of learning the proven technique that  has worked for the best ball strikers of all time, and then training that technique until it is cemented into your instinctive muscle memory.  

In as little as 10 minutes per day you can permanently imprint the fundamental motions required to hit the ball long and straight. Learning is a start, but "doing" is what matters! Start playing better golf today with Gary Pinns and Golf Swing Mastery.


I've been using Gary's Golf Swing Mastery principles for the past 3 years and it's unbelievable. Shooting 100 used to be my par and now I'm breaking 80!

Tom Babyar

I've been using the Golf Swing Mastery system with Gary Pinns and I can hit the ball so much farther with a lot less effort. It's made my golf swing so much more simple. I understand the principles, what I'm doing wrong, and how I can correct it.

Cindy Kucharski

Before using Golf Swing Mastery, I was a 12 handicapper trending up. Now I'm a 4 handicapper trending down. This Golf Swing Mastery system really works!

Manning Widener

About Gary Pinns


 I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who would like to learn the game!

Tom Lehman, British Open Champion and Former World #1 Golfer