1 Golf Lesson (in-person, 1 hour)
1 Golf Lesson (in-person, 1 hour)
1 Golf Lesson (in-person, 1 hour)

1 Golf Lesson (in-person, 1 hour)

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Play Better Golf

Golf is a game of technique. If you're not hitting powerful and accurate golf shots it's because you haven't yet learned and trained the right technique.

Learn the Right Technique

I will explain to you the five fundamentals of a consistent, powerful, and accurate swing in a practical, easy-to-understand and apply way. No longer will you need to worry about the hundreds of "golf tips" you hear everyone else talking about, because you'll know what really matters - and why - to building a great golf swing.

Train the Right Technique

Once you understand the fundamentals for powerful and accurate swing the key becomes training your muscles to execute these five fundamentals consistently and reliably. I will show you time-proven training drills to cement this technique to muscle memory. Learning is a start, but "doing" is what matters!

Proven, World-Class Instruction

I have helped thousands of golfers become better ball strikers and players. My credentials include:

  • Being named a "Top Teacher in America" by Golf Digest & Golf Magazine
  • Earning the Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year in 2014
  • 40,000+ hours helping golfers of all abilities get better faster

      "I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who would like to learn the game!" - Tom Lehman, 1996 British Open Champion & Former World #1 Golfer

      Convenient Teaching Locations

      I teach in the following locations:

      • Apr 1 - Oct 31: Oak Brook Golf Club (Oak Brook, IL)
      • Nov 1 - Mar 31: Links & Tees Golf Dome (Addison, IL)

      Call (630) 728-4653 to schedule a lesson.

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