Golf Swing Mastery:  30-Day Online Program (Thinkific)
Golf Swing Mastery:  30-Day Online Program (Thinkific)

Golf Swing Mastery: 30-Day Online Program (Thinkific)

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Play Better Golf, Faster

Learn and train the optimal technique for a powerful and accurate golf swing through this series of daily online golf lessons.

Hit It Farther & Straighter

Would you like to hit the ball farther and straighter? Are you tired of trying every "tip" and "fix" in the book with no lasting improvements to you game? Do you want to get better even though you don't have time to go to the driving range several times each week? If yes, then Golf Swing Mastery - Online Golf Lessons by Gary Pinns is for you! 

Technique, Not Tips

  • Learn the five fundamentals of a consistent, powerful, and accurate swing in a series of 30 online lessons
  • Watch Gary Pinns explain and demonstrate each fundamental in a simple "watch, imitate and learn" manner
  • Pause, rewind, and re-watch each online lesson as often as needed

Daily Training Drills

  • Train your muscles to execute the five fundamentals consistently and reliably using the "step-by-step" proven training drills
  • Train your muscles anywhere - even in your home in as little as 10 minutes per day
  • Permanently imprint the fundamental motions required to hit the ball long and straight - learning is a start, but "doing" is what matters

Incredible Value

30 days of online lessons for less cost than two in-person lessons:

  • 30 days of online lessons to learn and train the five fundamentals of a consistent, powerful, and accurate golf swing
  • Once you've completed the 30 days of online lessons, watch and train the five fundamentals with 10 minutes of in-home daily training
  • Pause, rewind and re-watch each online lesson and training drill as often as you'd like... all for less cost than two in-person lessons

    Proven, World-Class Instructor

    Gary is a proven, world-class instructor who has helped thousands of golfers become better ball strikers and players. His credentials include:

    • Being named a "Top Teacher in America" by Golf Digest & Golf Magazine
    • Earning the Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year in 2014
    • 40,000+ hours helping golfers of all abilities get better faster


          "I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who would like to learn the game!" - Tom Lehman, 1996 British Open Champion & Former World #1 Golfer


          Money-Back Guarantee

          I know the Golf Swing Mastery step-by-step, learn-imitate-train approach works because I've see it work with golfer after golfer. However, if for whatever reason you're not completely satisfied with the program, I will refund your purchase price, guaranteed. - Gary Pinns, Top 100 Teacher, Former PGA Tour Member

          What's Included in the 30-Day Program

          Golf Swing Mastery gives you everything you will ever need to learn and train a dependable, powerful, and accurate golf swing, which includes:

          Learn: Day 1-7

          • Day 1: Introduction
          • Day 2: Swing Foundations
          • Day 3: Critical Skills
          • Day 4: The GSM Swing
          • Day 5: Power
          • Day 6: Accuracy
          • Day 7: GSM: The Pros
            Train: Day 8-14
            • Day 8: Introduction to Training
            • Day 9: Grip Process
            • Day 10: Grip Hinge
            • Day 11: Hand-Arm Action
            • Day 12: The Turns
            • Day 13: The Setup
            • Day 14: Swing Timing
            Reinforce: Day 15-19
            • Day 15: Power Training
            • Day 16: Accuracy Training
            • Day 17: Shot Faults & Fixes
            • Day 18: Swing Faults & Fixes
            • Day 19: How to Practice

            Advanced Learning: Day 20-23

            • Day 20: Swing Checks
            • Day 21: Advanced Power & Accuracy
            • Day 22: Correcting Swing Faults
            • Day 23: Ball Flight Control

            Advanced Training: Day 24-26

            • Day 24: Fast-Track System
            • Day 25: One Day Miracle Swing
            • Day 26: GSM Gym Workout

            Advanced Reinforcing: Day 27-29

            • Day 27: GSM Concepts
            • Day 28: Path - Plane - Face
            • Day 29: Reinforce Power & Accuracy

            Short Game - Learn & Train: Day 30

            • Learn: Chip Shot
            • Learn: Short Pitch
            • Learn: Sand Shot
            • Learn: Putting Stroke
            • Train: Chip Shot
            • Train: Short Pitch
            • Train: Sand Shot
            • Train: Putting Stroke

            The Rules of Golf

            Comprehensive Golf Glossary

            Online Video Analysis